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Online Training

Our online training is bespoke and carefully designed to support and sustain accessibility awareness and to empower and enable staff to find adaptive, innovative and person-centred solutions both for themselves, their colleagues and for customers. We introduce interactive learning elements to a series of three half-hour training sessions.

In-House Training

Empower managers and team leaders. Managers and team leaders can benefit from the innovative and highly interactive half-day face-to-face training delivered in house at your office locations. The training has been designed to significantly increase recruitment and retention of individuals with disabilities and learning differences and involves use of Virtual Reality technology, team-building tasks and is tailored to empower and support your staff to create and implement highly effective accessibility processes in their departments and teams.

Retreat, Reframe & Relearn

Inspire deep-rooted change within the culture of your company from the top down. Up to 10 high-level decision-makers can attend our three day retreat and through a series of highly immersive leadership and teambuilding challenges with an accessibility twist, they will gain an unprecedented insight into both the challenges and the enormous potential and competencies of individuals who live with disabilities and learning differences.

What's Included?


From supporting regular accessibility reviews to full accessibility audits to help you meet regulatory requirements, our team can help.


We offer online training, inhouse training and our pioneering Retreat, Reframe and Relearn packages.

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Our team of consultants can offer support and advice to support you with specific cases including consultancy, mediation, design and procurement issues.